TSP has worked with dozens of individuals, families and foundations since 2005 to provide clean water in Kenya. But most importantly, we have worked hand in hand with the people of Samburu. We don't choose communities; communities choose us.

Well Boys Water Access Samburu Kenya Africa
Well Children Boys Smiling Samburu Kenya Africa
Well Drilling and Water Access, Samburu Kenya Africa



A representative of a community group must apply to The Samburu Project’s Wamba Office. If no members of the group can read or write, our Project Manager will help them complete the application. Each group is then vetted by our team, and 10 application are chosen!

what then?

We work with a local hydro-geologist to determine potential water well viability. Various factors including geographical location, rainfall and climate, current land use, surface water resources, ground water, aquifer properties and approximate water demands are taken in to account. Based on the findings, an analysis is made to assess groundwater potential for the project area and a suitable well site is determined and identified.

let the drilling begin

The drilling rig is put into place by a team of approximately 6 men. Once the drill is centered and leveled, drilling commences. Our wells are drilled approximately 70 meters deep and this process can take up to seven days! Once the well is properly developed, gravel is packed and sealed to avoid any contamination from shallow aquifers. Next, water samples are taken for physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis.  A concrete slab is constructed and a hand pump is installed. 

The Samburu Project's team on the ground oversees the entire process from start to finish.

Well Drilling for Water Access, Samburu Kenya Africa


Photography by Solomon Solz, Nairobi @RootsofAfrika