Eric Lekolii, The Samburu Project Project Manager

Eric Lekolii was born in Wamba…

Samburu, Kenya into a traditional Samburu family of 8 children. Like all village boys, he tended to goats and other livestock before attending Wamba Boys High School. Eric headed to Nairobi for college where he graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management in 2007.  He proudly passed his bronze level certification as a safari guide in Kenya (not an easy test to pass) and started looking for work at a safari lodge. Eric spent the next 8 years working at the exclusive Sasaab Lodge in Samburu (5 of those years as a guide) before joining The Samburu Project team early in 2016.  

As a true Samburu, Eric knows every hill, bush, bird and village in the region and has spent time volunteering with the Kenya Wildlife Service on their Save the Grevys (Zebra) program. He is a married, devoted father of three and has a passion for his culture and serving his community. He first became aware of TSP in 2006 when TSP put a well near his village. TSP is fortunate to have him on our team. Eric became Project Manager early in 2017.