Upon the completion of each TSP Well, the community participates in a mandatory Hygiene and Sanitation Workshop. County health officers educate the community on the definition of good sanitation and hygiene, causes of water contamination, health problems caused by dirty water, instruction on proper hand-washing, basic health problems caused by poor sanitation, and water treatment methods at the household level.

As a result of these workshops diarrhea and other waterborne diseases in our well communities have all but been eradicated.


Clean Water, Wells in Samburu Kenya Africa
Clean Water, Wells for Children in Samburu Kenya Africa
Clean Drinking Water, Wells for Children in Samburu Kenya Africa


As a result of a partnership piping project with the World Food Program, the TSP well for the Sere Olipi Primary School now also provides clean water to the Sere Olipi Health Clinic. Dr. Henry Lentaaya has been practicing medicine in this clinic for 30 years.  He is now assisted by two additional health care professionals who provide health services to this community. Together they treat an average of approximately 60 patients each day.  They provide childhood immunizations, treat malaria and other diseases and deliver babies.  The hospital is proud of their newly tiled delivery room, although for some more old fashioned women, the clinic also offers a more “traditional” delivery room outside of the hospital walls.  The clinic now boasts about 10 babies are delivered at this facility each month.

Health Clinic, Clean Water in Samburu Kenya Africa

"Its prudent to wash your hands with soap before and after you prepare food or tend to children. Its important to wash hands with soap after going to the bathroom or after wiping a child that has gone to the bathroom."

Mural instructing patients on the health benefits of clean hands.