Mike Rossi, The Samburu Project Board Member Emeritus

“My experience in understanding the issues in Samburu and becoming an involved Board Member and donor, led me to make a solo trip to Kenya in 2007. I went on behalf of the organization's founder, Kristen Kosinski as she was pregnant at the time. My mission was to complete an assessment of the villagers benefiting from the wells and evaluate any additional opportunities of support. This hands on, real-time, experience was a highlight of my life and brought the organization's mission front and center for me. Upon my return, I became more involved at home with The Samburu Project's annual Walk 4 Water event (now in it's 8th year), and helped to establish the TRIBE Club at Mira Costa High School. I now have twin daughters and the experiences with TSP is going to serve as educational and life tools to help guide them in the right direction. My involvement with TSP continues to be extremely gratifying and the feeling of our connectedness to people on the other side of the world is indescribable. I feel privileged to be part of an organization that is making such an impact on a community in Kenya.”