Victoria Pacos, The Samburu Project Project Coordinator

Victoria’s passion for water began in 2013…

while she was interning for Safe Water Network, an international nonprofit based in New York City. A freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles, she was studying Civil Engineering and had taken the position in hopes to learn more about the design of sustainable water systems. Instead, what she found was a passion for sustainable development and community culture. Upon returning to school she completely changed her focus, transferred majors, and concentrated all her efforts on studying international development.

In 2015 Victoria relocated to India for 2 months to work for Community Empowerment Lab. During her time there, she was tasked with designing a community center in the rural town of Shivgarh that would encourage and service expecting mothers in an effort to bridge the gap between local customs and western medicine.

Victoria graduated from UCLA with a dual degree in International Development Studies and Economics.  Victoria began working as an intern with The Samburu Project in June 2016.  In January 2017, Victoria became a permanent staff member of the TSP team.