Nairobi Bound!

Hello! I am writing this from Amsterdam. Must say, it's quite dreary here so I am excited for the sun and warmth that Kenya is sure to offer! My day started quite early as I excitedly went to LAX, luggage in tow and excitement and nerves at a peak! Check-in and security point went by very smoothly giving me a lot of free time to finally dig into Hunger Games! Hunger Games and Sour Patch Kids, that is a great summary of my first of two flights. As usual, my parents were right as my dad had warned I would have a difficulty falling asleep on the plane. Thankfully the guy sitting next to me was a pro-traveler (from Ghana and traveling back home after a week vacation in the US) who got me out of my seat and walking about; he probably could sense I was a travel newbie so he took me under his wing and even waited me outside of the gate when we got off the plane to make sure I was ok and on track to my next flight. What a great way to start my trip! The overcom is announcing we are about to board the flight so that's my cue to sign off... bye for now!