A Mother's Love

First of all, The Samburu Project would like to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day!  We hope everyone had a beautiful day spent with friends and family. If there is one thingI noticed on Mother’s Day, it was the outpouring of affection and admiration that flooded all forms of social media. It is apparent that mothers are some of the strongest and most supportive figures we encounter in our lifetime. They are willing to sacrifice anything to meet the needs of their children. This objective remains true no matter where you look, however, what those needs are vary depending on where you’re looking. mother's day

For the women of Samburu, meeting their children’s most basic needs can be a difficult path to navigate. Gathering water is a strenuous chore that puts stress on the body, even resulting in miscarriage in some cases. Other times moms end up carrying very young children with them on their journeys to water. If a child is old enough, the child is also old enough to contribute to this intense labor. Mothers are spending these hours in search of water instead of playing with their children, teaching them life lessons, and making memories. Time spent obtaining water means less time spent with children and family.

No matter where you are, motherhood remains a difficult yet joyous experience. The Samburu Project works tirelessly to take away some of the burden, providing clean and accessible drinking water to the people of Samburu, allowing mothers to pass their days with their children instead of walking for hours at a time. We believe motherhood doesn’t need to be any more complicated than it already is. We only hope to give mothers the opportunity to cherish and experience the small moments: watching a soccer game, proudly supporting them at a school recitation or even doing homework together. These memories remain an inspirational affirmation of a mother’s unconditional love and we only hope to give all mothers the chance to experience them. Everyday should be a day to recognize the beautiful work these women do: a mother’s love never rests.