Walk for Water 2014

Walk for Water 2014 was the most successful walk we’ve had yet! With 350 participants (that’s 100 more than last year!) we were able to raise $30,000. For us, hosting an event revolved around walking represents a cause near to our hearts.As we’ve said over and over again, the women of Samburu have to walk up to 12 miles a day to obtain water that may not always be sanitary. That is why we walk. We walk a beautiful 4-mile path along the beach in pleasant weather, recreationally, in the hopes that fewer women in Samburu will have to in the future. It is our goal that in experiencing just a small portion of what these women do daily, as well as hearing first hand accounts such as the inspiring poem Stephen Lentoror shared, you are motivated to take action in a cause that impacts the wellbeing of so many lives. We’d like to extend special thanks to our sponsors: Metropolitan Water District, Fit On Studios, American Junkie, Rossi, DDH Public Relations, JOL Design, Waiakea Water, Lalicious and Mixed Up Clothing. Such a fantastic event would not have been possible without the generous support of both our sponsors and our participants.  Though the walk is over and the #afterthewalk fundraising drive has officially ended, you can continue to fundraise.  As an added bonus, all donations will go further through the end of April as Razoo is not charging their 2.9% processing fee! We love that! Share the photos on your fundraising page and get your friends donating!  We are truly grateful for the success of Walk for Water 2014 and are eager to begin work on our upcoming projects. Save the date for next year's Walk for Water 2015--Sunday, April 19th, 2015! Hope to see you there!

Thanks to Steve Gaffney for our awesome photos! You can check more out here: