Linda's Samburu Story #3


Back in the car, we continue winding our way over the red earth, through the thorny trees and bushes to Longerded Well.  I recognize it in the distance from the big white greenhouse that I've seen in many TSP photographs.  There are only a few people around the well but we are greeted with smiling faces as is always the case when traveling with Lucas.


This well serves about 800 people daily but also provides water for the agricultural project which will be planted later in November.  It is here we met Aldo, dressed in the traditional Samburu cloth on the bottom with a Western shirt on the top.  He speaks perfect English and is quite happy to make our acquaintance.  Aldo is Samburu but spent four years living in East London married to a British woman before moving back to this area. He tells me how much he loves and misses Chinese and Italian food and how grateful he is for the well. Samburu continues to be full of surprises for me.


Lucas gets a call that the well drilling rig has been spotted in Archer's Post and we are off to take a look.  Like children on Christmas Eve, we want just a peek at Santa Claus.  He's coming and he's driving a very big truck that says WaterLink.


We are all very happy that tomorrow drilling will start.  Lucas has some preparations to make before tomorrow and takes us back to the lodge. Passing through Archer's Post, we see school children walking home, and this, another Samburu surprise.


Back through the gate of the Samburu National Reserve, it's magic hour and we are greeted by some beautiful sights - magic hour, indeed!