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A Blog Post by Matthew Cole: How to Become a Man, Samburu 101

A week or so ago, I had the honor and pleasure of attending a unique tradition in Samburu culture. Before I begin, I will preface by saying that out of respect to Samburu and this emotional day, I did not take any pictures. To start, one must understand a little about Samburu culture and society.

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My Name is Benedict Letaare.

My name is Benedict Letaare. I am twelve years old and I am a student at Sere-Olipi Primary School. Over the past five years, we were sad because of the dirty shelters, food, clothes and toilets. Classes where very stinky because of lack of water in school and in the community. Concentration was a problem because of tiredness.

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"Don't Be Shy" and Other Life Lessons.

Christine Namunyak urged our attendees to step into a position of power in their homes and community at large.  Leadership is challenging for a host of reasons but rewarding and life-changing.  She echoed the sentiment "don't be shy," again and again when she stressed the importance of education and self-reliance.

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