My Name is Benedict Letaare.

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My name is Benedict Letaare. I am twelve years old and I am a student at Sere-Olipi Primary School. Over the past five years, we were sad because of the dirty shelters, food, clothes and toilets. Classes where very stinky because of lack of water in school and in the community. Concentration was a problem because of tiredness.

Everyday we walked around thirty kilometers in search of water; we even missed our night preps because of it. The water that was used for bathing was reused to wash the toilet. Many people died of the lack of water because water is life.

The community had also suffered because of lack of water. The water we fetched was dirty and we drank it because there was no other option. Our dispensary was fully congested because of the many patients suffering from different waterborne diseases.

We are now grateful because there is much water in the community and school. Now we have water to bath and wash our plates. We also have much time to study. Our performance is high. We can now wash our toilets and go to class in the morning. All the pupils concentrate and that is why our performance is going higher. On behalf of the other pupils, I wish to say thank you. I am also happy because of the other well-wishers who helped you to connect us water with from the wells.

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