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My Name is Mercy.

My name is Mercy, a young Samburu woman from Kenya. I was born in a small village, the last born of a family of six. When I was a little older we moved near the small market center of Archers Post, in the Samburu County.  I was a typical Samburu girl, collecting water and firewood for our family.  I was very lucky to attend school and become an educated, modern woman.  I am also a single mother, living in Wamba with many Samburu Stories to tell. 

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"Don't Be Shy" and Other Life Lessons.

Christine Namunyak urged our attendees to step into a position of power in their homes and community at large.  Leadership is challenging for a host of reasons but rewarding and life-changing.  She echoed the sentiment "don't be shy," again and again when she stressed the importance of education and self-reliance.

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